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Unleash Your Magic: How to Unlock Endless MTG Arena Gems and Coins!

How to Unlock Endless MTG Arena Gems and Coins!

MTG Arena Gems and Coins – Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTG Arena) isn’t just a game of chance and strategy—it’s also a game of resource management. To access more powerful cards and compete in premier events, you’ll need to amass a significant number of Gems and Coins. This article will guide you on how to maximize your resources in MTG Arena, giving you the upper hand in this exciting digital card game.

Understanding MTG Arena Gems and Coins

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of earning these precious resources, it’s crucial to understand what they represent and how they function within the game.

MTG Arena Gems and Coins

Gems: Gems are MTG Arena’s premium currency. They’re often used to enter premier drafts, purchase card packs, and even unlock special cosmetic items. Players usually acquire gems through in-game purchases with real money, but there are several ways to earn them for free, which we’ll discuss later.

MTG Arena Gems and Coins

Coins: Also known as gold in MTG Arena, coins are the basic currency. Players earn gold through completing quests, winning games, and participating in certain events. Gold can be used to buy individual card packs, enter certain events, or be converted to gems.

Earning Coins: Daily Quests, Weekly Wins, and Mastery Pass

Daily Quests

One of the most reliable ways to earn coins in MTG Arena is by completing daily quests. Each day, players are given a new quest, which can reward anywhere from 500 to 750 gold. These quests usually involve simple tasks such as casting a certain number of spells of a particular color. Therefore, by consistently logging in and completing these quests, you can accumulate a steady stream of gold.

MTG Arena Gems and Coins

Weekly Wins

MTG Arena Gems and Coins

In addition to daily quests, MTG Arena rewards players for their weekly wins. For the first 15 wins each week, players are awarded gold and individual card rewards (ICRs). The first four wins reward 250 gold each, the next ten wins reward 100 gold each, and the final win rewards a card. This means that by achieving 15 wins each week, you can earn an additional 1,750 gold and a card.

Mastery Pass

The Mastery Pass is another avenue for earning rewards in MTG Arena. Although it costs gems to unlock the full version, there’s a free track that every player has access to. As you gain XP and level up your Mastery Pass by playing games and completing quests, you’ll unlock rewards such as gold and ICRs. The full version of the Mastery Pass, if you choose to unlock it, offers even more rewards, including gems.

MTG Arena Gems and Coins

Acquiring Gems: Drafts, Events, and the Mastery Pass

MTG Arena Gems and CoinsDrafts

The Premier and Quick Drafts are the primary ways to earn gems without spending real money. You can enter these drafts using gold, and if you perform well, you’ll walk away with gems. For instance, in the Premier Draft, even a middling performance of three wins will earn you 1,000 gems—a net gain if you entered with 10,000 gold.

MTG Arena Gems and CoinsEvents

Events, particularly the Constructed ones, are another excellent avenue for acquiring gems. The Traditional Standard and Historic events cost gold to enter, but if you win more games than you lose, you’ll earn gems. It’s a risk-reward scenario, but if you have a competitive deck and solid understanding of the game, it’s a viable method to amass gems.

Mastery Pass

As mentioned earlier, the full version of the Mastery Pass costs gems to unlock, but the rewards it offers can easily offset the initial cost. At certain levels, the Mastery Pass rewards players with gems, and if you reach a high enough level before the season ends, you could earn back more gems than you spent.

Maximizing Your Resources: Budget Decks, Draft Strategies, and Patience

Budget Decks

Building a competitive deck doesn’t always require a ton of rare or mythic rare cards. There are several budget decks that can hold their own in the game, even against more expensive ones. By using a budget deck, you can save your wildcards (which are used to craft specific cards) for when you really need them.

Draft Strategies

Drafts not only provide an opportunity to win gems but also to acquire new cards for your collection. A strategy known as “rare drafting” involves picking every rare and mythic rare card you see, regardless of whether it fits your draft deck. This can help you build your collection more efficiently, as you’ll often end up with more rare cards than if you bought individual packs.


Finally, patience is key in MTG Arena. It can be tempting to spend your hard-earned gold and gems as soon as you get them, but it often pays off to wait. Save your gold for drafts rather than buying packs directly, as drafts offer a better value. Similarly, save your gems for the Mastery Pass or other special offers that may come up.

The Power of Events: Constructed, Limited, and Special Events

Constructed Events

Constructed events require players to bring their own pre-built decks into the game. The most common constructed events are Standard and Historic. They require a small entry fee (either in gold or gems), and provide an opportunity to earn additional coins, gems, and individual card rewards based on the number of wins you secure. If you’re confident in your deck-building and playing skills, constructed events can be a lucrative way to increase your resources.

Limited Events

Limited events, including drafts and sealed formats, are another excellent way to expand your card collection and earn gems. Unlike constructed events, these formats do not require you to bring your own deck. Instead, you build a new deck from a limited pool of cards provided within the event. The entry fee is higher, but so are the rewards. Even with an average performance, you can often earn more than your entry fee in return.

Special Events

MTG Arena often hosts special events with unique rules and rewards. These can range from holiday-themed events to weekend-long tournaments. While the entry fees and rewards vary, these events often provide excellent value and are a fun way to earn additional resources.

Trading Wisely: The Role of Wildcards and the Vault


In MTG Arena, wildcards are a special type of card that can be transformed into any card of the same rarity. You earn wildcards primarily by opening packs, but they can also be rewards from the Mastery Pass or from the Vault. Wildcards are incredibly valuable, as they allow you to acquire specific cards that you need for your deck without having to rely on luck from opening packs.

MTG Arena Gems and Coins

The Vault

The Vault is a hidden reward system in MTG Arena. Each time you open a pack or draft a card that you already have four copies of, you earn progress toward opening the Vault. When the Vault is full, you can open it to receive a number of wildcards. While the Vault progress is slow, it’s another way that MTG Arena rewards you for expanding your card collection.

MTG Arena Gems and Coins

Unlocking endless gems and coins in MTG Arena isn’t about finding a secret trick—it’s about understanding the game’s systems and making the most of them. By playing regularly, managing your resources wisely, and taking calculated risks, you can amass a wealth of gems and coins to fuel your MTG Arena experience.

Leverage the Store: Deals, Bundles, and Sales

MTG Arena also offers options to purchase gems, packs, and bundles directly from the in-game store. While these transactions generally require real money, it’s essential to know how to get the most out of your investment.


The store offers a variety of deals that change over time. These could be discounts on packs, bonus gems with purchase, or reduced prices on event entries. While this requires actual money, if you’re willing to invest, it’s worth keeping an eye out for these deals as they can significantly enhance your gem and coin count.


Bundles are another great way to maximize your investment. These generally include a combination of packs, gems, and sometimes exclusive cosmetic items. Bundles usually offer a better value compared to purchasing each item separately, making them an efficient choice if you’re planning to spend money in the game.


Lastly, keep an eye out for sales. MTG Arena frequently has sales during special occasions or when a new set is released. These sales often include substantial discounts or extra bonuses with your purchase, providing an opportunity to accumulate a larger number of gems or coins for your buck.

Up Your Gameplay: Skill, Strategy, and Meta Knowledge


No amount of gems or coins can replace the importance of skill in MTG Arena. The better you are at the game, the more games you’ll win, and the more rewards you’ll earn. Take time to practice, learn the mechanics, and improve your gameplay. Every win, whether in a casual match, a draft, or an event, gets you one step closer to your next reward.


Understanding the strategy behind Magic: The Gathering is crucial. This includes knowing when to play certain cards, how to build a balanced deck, and how to react to your opponent’s moves. The more strategic you are, the higher your chances of winning, thus earning more gems and coins.

Meta Knowledge

The “meta” refers to the most commonly used strategies and decks in the current state of the game. By understanding the meta, you can build decks that are more likely to win in the current environment, or even build decks specifically designed to counter popular strategies. Following the meta can greatly increase your win rate and, consequently, your rewards.

In conclusion, amassing gems and coins in MTG Arena is a multi-faceted process. It combines regular play, strategic resource management, a clear understanding of the game’s mechanics, and making the most of in-game events and deals. With these strategies, you’re well on your way to unlocking endless MTG Arena gems and coins. Happy gaming!


The journey towards amassing MTG Arena gems and coins isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. It requires consistent gameplay, strategic decision-making, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. Whether you’re completing quests, participating in drafts, or leveraging the in-game store, each step brings you closer to unlocking the full potential of MTG Arena.

By implementing these strategies, you can transform your gaming experience, making it more exciting and rewarding. So, pick your cards wisely, strategize your moves, and embark on your journey to unlocking endless MTG Arena gems and coins. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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FAQ: MTG Arena Gems and Coins

What are Gems and Coins in MTG Arena and how can they be used?

Gems and Coins are the premium and basic currencies in MTG Arena respectively. They can be used to enter premier drafts, purchase card packs, unlock special cosmetic items, and compete in premier events.

How can I earn Coins in MTG Arena?

Coins, also known as gold, can be earned in MTG Arena by completing daily quests, winning games, participating in certain events, and leveling up your Mastery Pass.

What are the ways to acquire Gems in MTG Arena without spending real money?

Gems can be earned in MTG Arena through Premier and Quick Drafts, winning games in Constructed Events, and leveling up your Mastery Pass.

What are the strategies to maximize resources in MTG Arena?

Strategies to maximize resources in MTG Arena include using budget decks, employing draft strategies like “rare drafting”, and practicing patience by saving gold for drafts and gems for the Mastery Pass or special offers.

How can I leverage the MTG Arena store to increase my gem and coin count?

The MTG Arena store offers options to purchase gems, packs, and bundles directly. You can leverage deals, bundles, and sales to maximize your investment and increase your gem and coin count.

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