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Unleashing the Power – The Magic: The Gathering Kraken Card

Magic: The Gathering Kraken card

Key takeaway:

  • The Kraken card is a popular creature card in Magic: The Gathering. It represents a giant sea creature with immense power and often has abilities that reflect its monstrous nature.
  • Krakens have been featured in various Magic planes, such as Capenna, Dominaria, Innistrad, Kaldheim, Lorwyn, Mercadia, Mirrodin, Shadowmoor, Theros, and Zendikar. Each plane offers unique lore and characteristics for Krakens, making them a fascinating element of the game.
  • The Deep-Sea Kraken card is a notable example of a Kraken card in Magic: The Gathering. It has a high casting cost but possesses abilities that allow it to enter the battlefield with time counters and unleash devastating attacks when these counters are removed. It is a formidable force on the battlefield.

The Magic: The Gathering Kraken card is highly sought-after. It’s a creature card with impressive stats and abilities. This card interacts with other cards that reference Krakens. It has a high power and toughness, and can tap or untap certain cards. It also deals damage to opponents or creatures.

What sets the Magic: The Gathering Kraken card apart is its artwork and lore. It depicts a massive, tentacled sea creature emerging from the depths of the ocean. The lore adds to its appeal, as players imagine epic battles and stories.

Players strive to obtain the Kraken card to enhance their game and collection. It’s sure to make a splash on the battlefield – whether you’re an experienced player or new to the game.

The Kraken in Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Kraken card

Photo Credits: Www.Mtgacentral.Com by Bryan Hill

In the enchanting world of Magic: The Gathering, we dive deep into the realm of the Kraken. Discover the allure and mystery behind the Deep-Sea Kraken card, as well as the fascinating history and unique characteristics of Krakens within the Magic universe. Unveil the secrets and power that lie within these legendary creatures.

The Deep-Sea Kraken card

Magic: The Gathering Kraken cardThe Deep-Sea Kraken card exhibits the powerful characteristics and abilities that make Krakens stand out from other creatures in the Magic universe. Boasting a massive size and strength, they are formidable opponents on the battlefield.

It also brings with it a unique “suspension” mechanic. This allows players to remove the creature from their hand and delay its arrival for several turns. When the specified time has passed, the creature enters the battlefield and strikes with full force.

Players must often meet certain casting conditions in order to cast The Deep-Sea Kraken, such as exiling cards or paying a hefty mana cost. However, these restrictions are balanced by the incredible power the creature wields once it enters the battlefield.

Krakens vary in appearance and traits across different planes and habitats, from Capenna to Zendikar. Yet, The Deep-Sea Kraken stands out through its captivating representation of these majestic creatures. It combines their imposing presence with intricate gameplay mechanics to create an unforgettable experience.

History and characteristics of Krakens in the Magic universe

Krakens in the Magic universe have a long story. They are special and distinct from other creatures. Various planes of Magic: The Gathering show these legendary sea monsters with different looks and features.

Krakens are huge and strong. Their size is intimidating, making them dangerous opponents.

In Capenna, Krakens are ancient creatures living deep in the ocean. In Dominaria, they live in coastal areas and frighten ships. Innistrad has Krakens that terrorize seaside towns.

Kaldheim is full of Krakens embodying the ruthless forces of nature. In Lorwyn, they’re related to blue mana and can control water.

In Mercadia, some civilizations think Krakens are gods. Mirrodin has Phyrexian Krakens, twisted by dark magic. Shadowmoor has corrupted Krakens reflecting the plane’s darkness.

Theros links Krakens to Thassa, the sea goddess. They are her protectors, yet also her enemies if provoked. Zendikar has treacherous waters where Krakens reign.

Krakens leave players in a sea of awe and tentacled terror everywhere they go in the Magic planes.

Krakens in specific Magic planes

Krakens in specific Magic planes

Photo Credits: Www.Mtgacentral.Com by Willie Nguyen

Explore the vast world of Krakens in specific Magic planes, from Capenna to Zendikar. Uncover the thrilling encounters, unique characteristics, and challenges these legendary creatures bring to the game. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating realms of Dominaria, Innistrad, Kaldheim, Lorwyn, Mercadia, Mirrodin, Shadowmoor, and Theros. Journey through each plane and discover the power and mystique of these awe-inspiring sea monsters.


The land of Capenna, in Magic: The Gathering’s multiverse, is home to many unique creatures and enchantments.

Its stunning natural beauty and mystical energy enthralls all who enter.

Inhabitants of Capenna have a deep connection with nature and magic. Lush forests and abundant wildlife are infused with powerful elemental energies, giving rise to magnificent beings.

Magic practitioners specialize in earth-based spells and rituals. Ancient ruins dot the landscape, telling tales of its rich history. Capenna’s people live in harmony with their surroundings.

Unbeknownst to many, there are secret realms hidden beneath the plane’s surface. These realms contain untold treasures, artifacts, and powerful artifacts.

Capenna’s past is shrouded in mystery and legends. It is said that the first settlers were guided by ancient prophecies and found an untouched land. Over time, civilizations rose and fell, leaving behind their mark. One significant event was “The Great Awakening”, which caused an influx of raw magical energy, reshaping regions and bringing challenges for the inhabitants.

Explore Capenna and experience the monstrous might of the Krakens lurking beneath the waves!


Dominaria, a plane in the Magic universe, is home to various Kraken species. They have special traits and characteristics that differ from other planes’ Krakens.

The table below shows the Krakens in Dominaria, their looks, and habitats:

Kraken Name Appearance Habitat
Leviathan Enormous sea serpent with multiple heads Coastal regions and deep ocean waters
Tidal Kraken Massive creature with swirling tentacles Stormy oceans and underwater caves

Along with the Krakens, Dominaria has magical artifacts related to them. Ancient ruins in the plane have secrets waiting to be found.

If you want to explore Dominaria and meet its Krakens, it’s best to have protective spells and artifacts. Water current manipulation and increased resistance to aquatic beings are helpful. Also, knowing the lore and history of the creatures is useful when interacting with them.


Magic: The Gathering Kraken card

Innistrad is a frightening plane. Werewolves, vampires, zombies, and other monsters lurk in the shadows, ready to attack.

Gavony is a brave community, uniting against the darkness. But Stensia is a different story. Vampires control the land with an iron fist.

Innistrad’s gothic atmosphere sets it apart. It’s a captivating world of fear and suspense. Plus, cards can transform, adding an extra layer of strategy.

If you want to explore a thrilling world, come to Innistrad! Join the battle against darkness and discover its allure for yourself.


To showcase Kaldheim’s special features, we’ve created a table. It lists the Norse mythology themes, icy landscapes, gods and deities, and unique creatures.

Kaldheim is a remarkable mix of Norse mythology and frosty scenery. Ancient gods and deities roam the realm. Plus, there are powerful creatures with unbelievable powers!

Lorwyn: Where huge Krakens swim around and may even eat you for breakfast!


The Lorwyn plane of Magic: The Gathering boasts a unique selection of Krakens. They are grand and commanding, and fit perfectly within the plane’s mystical landscapes. Here are some traits of these intriguing creatures:

Kraken Types Appearance Traits
Fathom Cephalid Giant squid with translucent skin and shimmering bioluminescence Possesses psionic abilities, able to control water and manipulate minds
Scourge of Fleets Massive sea serpent-like creature with multiple tentacles Capable of summoning tidal waves and devastating entire fleets

The Fathom Cephalid stands out with its captivating translucent skin and psionic powers. It can bend water and even control the minds of others.

The Scourge of Fleets is another impressive Kraken from Lorwyn. It is immense and its tentacles are terrifying. Plus, it can summon powerful tidal waves that can destroy fleets.

Lorwyn’s Krakens possess qualities unseen elsewhere. They add enchantment and excitement to the world of Magic: The Gathering.


Let’s create a table to summarize the key features of Krakens in Mercadia. It will have columns for appearance, traits, habitats, and any notables.

Krakens in Mercadia have beauty and strength. Their looks awe observers. They glide through the waters. Their tentacles and eyes have a magical allure.

Ready to dive into the wonders of Mirrodin? Experience the captivating world of Krakens in Magic: The Gathering!


Mirrodin – a plane in Magic: The Gathering – is famous for its special qualities and history. This magical world takes players on a thrilling adventure. From its grand landscapes to its complex lore, Mirrodin enthralls fans everywhere.

Let’s delve deeper into the realms of this captivating game and investigate Shadowmoor. In this magical land, hidden secrets and potential danger lurk. Within Shadowmoor’s shadows, Krakens ready themselves to attack. Will you dare to set foot there and battle these mythical creatures?

With each new expansion, the Magic: The Gathering universe grows. It gives players multiple possibilities and unforgettable adventures. Mirrodin and Shadowmoor are only two of the planes waiting to be discovered. So, gather your friends, sharpen your minds, and embark on an epic journey through the planes of Magic: The Gathering.


Krakens in Shadowmoor are feared for their ominous looks. They’re huge and strong, lashing foes with multiple tentacles. Lurking in deep sea and riverbeds, they heighten the danger of the plane. Although krakens aren’t a major feature in Shadowmoor, they add to its spooky atmosphere. With menacing powers, they contribute to the enigmatic nature of the Magic universe. Beware the Krakens of Theros – they’ll haunt you and leave your foes destroyed!


Delve into the captivating world of Theros, where powerful gods and mythical creatures reign supreme! Legendary heroes embark on epic quests and face dangerous trials. This plane is known for its enchantments and devotion to the gods, as well as the Underworld, an important part of Theros’ lore.

Athreos, Erebos, Nylea, Purphoros, and Thassa are some of the prominent gods in Theros. There are various cities and regions, reflecting its diverse landscapes and cultures.

Magic: The Gathering players can explore the realms of Theros, with legendary creatures and enchanted artifacts. Cards from this plane showcase different aspects of its vibrant mythology, allowing strategic depth and immersive gameplay.

Embark on a journey of gods, heroes, and mythical beasts! Face formidable challenges as you navigate through treacherous landscapes. Align yourself with the gods or seek to overthrow their reign – Theros offers endless possibilities for adventure and excitement.


On the plane of Zendikar, Krakens are an imposing force. They have multiple tentacles and a commanding presence. In the depths of the ocean, or in hidden caves, these creatures are often seen lurking. Some of them can even manipulate water, summoning powerful tidal waves or whirlpools.

It takes a lot to defeat a Kraken; they are huge and strong, and require significant resources and strategies to overcome. Some famous Krakens from Zendikar include Emeria’s Call and Talrand’s Invocation, which serve as a testament to their power.

Krakens are connected to the Roil—the chaotic phenomenon that is a common occurrence on Zendikar. This adds to the dangerous nature of the plane, where only the brave venture. Tales of great battles against these gargantuan creatures have become part of Zendikar’s legendary lore.


The Kraken card in Magic: The Gathering is a must-have for collectors and players alike. Its formidable abilities, impressive artwork, and powerful gameplay mechanics make it a valuable addition to any deck. It can deal significant damage to opponents’ creatures or directly to their life total and its ability to tap and untap allows players to strategically control the flow of the game. Furthermore, its unique abilities can often turn the tide of the game.

The Kraken card also has a special place in the lore of Magic: The Gathering, making it a truly iconic and highly coveted collectible. Whether it’s the beautiful artwork, the powerful gameplay mechanics, or the rich lore behind it, the Kraken card is an engaging and immersive addition to the game.

Facts about Magic: The Gathering Kraken Card:

Some Facts About Magic: The Gathering Kraken Card:

  • ✅ The Kraken is a creature type in Magic: The Gathering. (Source:
  • ✅ Krakens are massive fiends known for their large size and destructive capabilities. (Source:
  • ✅ A popular Kraken card is “Deep-Sea Kraken.” (Source:
  • ✅ Deep-Sea Kraken can be suspended instead of being cast from the hand, requiring players to pay {2}{U} and exile it with nine time counters. (Source:
  • ✅ Whenever an opponent casts a spell while Deep-Sea Kraken is suspended, a time counter is removed from it, potentially expediting its casting. (Source:

FAQs about Magic The Gathering Kraken Card

What is a Kraken in Magic: The Gathering?

In Magic: The Gathering, a Kraken is a creature card that belongs to the creature type “Kraken.” Krakens are massive fiends with destructive capabilities that hail from the deepest parts of the ocean. They possess various features from different oceanic creatures, such as tentacles, dorsal spines, binocular vision, and mandibles. The taxonomic definition of a Kraken includes their large size and destructive capability.

How does Deep-Sea Kraken work?

Deep-Sea Kraken is a powerful creature card that can be suspended instead of being cast from the hand. To suspend it, players need to pay {2}{U} and exile the card with nine time counters on it. Each turn, at the beginning of the player’s upkeep, a time counter is removed from the suspended Deep-Sea Kraken. Once the last time counter is removed, the card can be cast without paying its mana cost and it gains haste. Additionally, whenever an opponent casts a spell while Deep-Sea Kraken is suspended, a time counter is removed from it.

Where can Krakens be found in the Magic universe?

Krakens can be found in various planes of the Magic universe:

  • In Capenna, there is a kraken living in the central lake of Ferara Park. It is unclear if there are other krakens outside of New Capenna.
  • On Dominaria, krakens inhabit the large oceans and occasionally emerge to hunt for food. They first appeared during the Ice Age. Some large krakens entered Dominaria’s seas through time rifts and remained there after the Time Rift Crisis was resolved.
  • In Innistrad, krakens live in the frozen north and are sometimes found encased in ice. The Stromkirk line worships them as avatars of pre-avacynian gods.
  • In Kaldheim, krakens are known to be found in the freezing waters of the Realm of Karfell.
  • In Lorwyn, krakens exist in some of the larger lakes and pose a deadly threat.
  • In Mercadia, krakens are more humanoid and pose a threat to both pirates and merfolk.

What happens when a Kraken deals combat damage in Magic: The Gathering?

When a player controls a Kraken, Leviathan, Octopus, or Serpent that deals combat damage to a player, a 9/9 blue Kraken creature token is created. This means that whenever any of these creatures deal combat damage to a player, a new creature is spawned as a result.

How can I create a Kraken creature token in Magic: The Gathering?

There are multiple cards in Magic: The Gathering that allow players to create Kraken creature tokens. One example is the card referenced above, where whenever a Kraken, Leviathan, Octopus, or Serpent controlled by a player deals combat damage to a player, a 9/9 blue Kraken creature token is created. There may be other cards with similar effects that can generate Kraken creature tokens.

Are all Kraken cards in Magic: The Gathering blue?

Yes, all Kraken cards in Magic: The Gathering are blue. Krakens are typically associated with the color blue in the game, representing their affinity with the seas and oceans.

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